Welcome One and All!

I started this blog to chronicle the my life as a renal patient. I started having issues back in 1983. I had an infection that hadn't been treated as an infection; it had been treated as pulled muscle as I had been working as a nanny at the time. Life went on and then I dealt with a series of infections of infections which resulted in 4 minor surgeries from 1985 to 87. Than I had 3 kids; dealing with minor infections along the way. This culminated in discovering in 1998 that I was in what the call Chronic Renal Failure, my right kidney was imploding, the left was starting to go as well.

I finally had the right kidney removed in 1999, which resulted in complications. I almost didn't make it. When I moved back to Edmonton from BC, I started seeing a nephorogist, Dr. Caldwell, from the U of A. In 2007 I had 75% renal function, fast-forward to today I have 13% and it is getting worse.

I decided I needed a place to share what I am going through for a variety of reasons:

1) to get out of my head and work through the anxiety and fear that I am feeling.

2) that somehow my ramblings can be of help to others.

3) most of all to share my journey with others and to help me share with my own family.

Great Sites for Information

Kidney Foundation of Canada

Kidney Foundation of Canada

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

(I will Post more as I find out more information.)

Here are some great foums and educational sites...

Kidney School
Kidney School
Kidney Friends Forum
Kidney Friends

Also there are some groups on Facebook:
Canadian Kidney Connection
Canadian Kidney Connection

Ontario’s Renal Community
Ontario’s Renal Community

I will add more as they come in. Cora

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bucket List Update

I wanted to update my bucket list to include the following:

8) I would love to meet Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper). I actually would love to go to New York :)

9) I would love to meet Daniel Radcliff, he is so down to earth. Loved him on Anderson :)

10) I would love to own my yarn store especially in our area.


Yet Another update :D

I saw my specialist on Tuesday and all is stable. My kidney function is at 10%, dialysis won't start until I am at 8% and/or I feel soooooooo crappy. I am finding the hardest thing to deal with is the weight gain and the muscle aches. I have a kilo (2.5 lbs) since my last appointment. I can feel it as my hips and knees deal with the weight gain. I am trying to figure out how I have gained the weight as my eating patterns haven't changed...hmm. Could be the swelling and the toxins.

Ia m currently on the hunt for a new doctor. So far not doing well with finding one. As soon as they find out I am a renal patient who is in renal failure they don't want to take me on as a patient. That I am too much work...sigh. Dr. Passani is doing everything with regards to my renal issues, but in order for me to even get on the transplant list I have test that must be completed by a regular doctor.

So other than that all is good :D

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So on September 27 th, I had an iron infusion done through IV. I was a bit nervous as I had heard that there had been severe side affects with doing this. However all went well, it was afterwards I was dizzy and nauseated so headed home and basically laid down and watched the tv and slept. On Wednesday I went to work feeling not to bad but half way through my shift I ended up needing to go home.  I even got to watch the AB PC Leader debates on Global, more about that on my main blog at Alberta has a new landscape this morning. I am feeling much better and have more energy. We now know that when I have this infusion done again to automatically book off the next day to save on aggravation for my manager at work and me.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted...guess no news is good news right?

Left: Rocaltrol
Right: Sodium Bicarbonate
So I have some news. My numbers have been pretty steady, although I lost a percentage point in kidney function. I am now at 11% and my energy is down a bit. It has been decided that I need to get an iron transfusion. Most iron supplements mess with my IBS and we did try the newest iron supplement that was supposed to be easy on stomach, however the stomach cramps were so bad hubby was threatening to take me to the ER. So no oral antibiotics for me. I did try an oral herbal supplement but it wasn't giving me enough iron to help.

So now I take Imodium (for the IBS), Tylenol Migraine (self explanatory), Gravol (for nausea-use regular at home and the ginger for at work) as well as Sodium Bicarbonate (500 mg) 3 times a day and Rocaltrol once a day.

I also went to the Optometrist to get my eyes checked, hadn't had this done since the emergency visit in 2009. Turns out I have the beginnings of cataracts which is starting to affect my vision. As my eyes are dry I have to use drops twice a day, however that is easier said than done. I actually use an ointment as I can't get the drops in at all. These are not covered by Blue Cross at all. So now I have to go in every year for an eye exam, which is not covered by AB Health. We do have Blue Cross thankfully, although even that doesn't cover all things. Thankfully it did cover a 3 months supply of the Rocatrol ($116.83) paid only $20.26. The Sodium Bicarbonate doesn't appear to be covered, that cost $32.92. The cost for the eye ointment was $10.49 and I am having issues with getting this into the eye as well...frustrating!
I work at the Optic TV Lounge in Southgate (Edmonton AB).

I am enjoying my new job and got the approval from the new clinic, yeah! The other clinic wouldn't approve my working at all. I just have to make sure I don't get over tired is all. So anywho gotta run for now. See picture to the right. I have a lot of fun and it isn't a stressful job. The only thing is that I am tired and my muscles hurt at the end of the day, but I just feel so good after a good day at work. It is so much fun talking about Optik TV all day. I meet some great people. Love it!


Friday, February 18, 2011

World Kidney Day is March 10, 2011

Kidney Plushie
World Kidney Day is Happening March 10, 2011. I am planning to write and produce an amigurumi pattern to for this day.  I hope to have it available in the next week or so. I would love it if people donated an amount to their local kidney foundation in lieu of paying me for the pattern. As I am planning on developing a knit and a crochet pattern, the cost for the pattern would have been 3 dollars for either of the patterns or 4 dollars for both.  I will post the pattern here and on my Ravelry store.