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I started this blog to chronicle the my life as a renal patient. I started having issues back in 1983. I had an infection that hadn't been treated as an infection; it had been treated as pulled muscle as I had been working as a nanny at the time. Life went on and then I dealt with a series of infections of infections which resulted in 4 minor surgeries from 1985 to 87. Than I had 3 kids; dealing with minor infections along the way. This culminated in discovering in 1998 that I was in what the call Chronic Renal Failure, my right kidney was imploding, the left was starting to go as well.

I finally had the right kidney removed in 1999, which resulted in complications. I almost didn't make it. When I moved back to Edmonton from BC, I started seeing a nephorogist, Dr. Caldwell, from the U of A. In 2007 I had 75% renal function, fast-forward to today I have 13% and it is getting worse.

I decided I needed a place to share what I am going through for a variety of reasons:

1) to get out of my head and work through the anxiety and fear that I am feeling.

2) that somehow my ramblings can be of help to others.

3) most of all to share my journey with others and to help me share with my own family.

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Kidney Foundation of Canada

Kidney Foundation of Canada

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

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Canadian Kidney Connection

Ontario’s Renal Community
Ontario’s Renal Community

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally heard from the Renal Insufficiency Clinic R: the PD stuff.

Yes life has knocked me for yet another loop...here are my choices:

  1. Have the "minor" 5 minute procedure under the local with a mild anti-anxiety medication like Ativan
  2. Wait for an OR in order to book time for said "minor, 5 minute" 1/4 cm incision with no stitches operation.
  3. Do nothing.
Hmm, not great options right? I am so pissed right now! I am tired of being treated as a number. As a one size fits all plan. I am me, I do NOT do well under a local, never have actually. Ativan is like candy for me, again it doesn't do anything. The second option was offered but with such derision on Susan's part. I think she just thinks I am wanting to waste time and money, not my intention. I am trying to make things easier on everyone especially me...THE PATIENT!

I could just wait until I am so sick that I would then have to admitted to hospital, then they would HAVE to deal with me. So frustrating...I really wish I was back in BC where I had a good healthcare team, one that got me and helped to alleviate my anxiety not add to it. At least in BC I had a GP in addition to my dentist, eye doctor and renal specialist. Here it is all piecemeal.

Health care is being used as a election promise, depending on what you are needing depends on who you should vote for. It shouldn't even be election issue, it shouldn't even be on the table. It should be just fixed. There are many ways to do so yet it hasn't been done. I hate Alberta right now! I want to be back in BC not here...so sad!


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